I work with such wonderful people! Here are a few of their kind words:


I'm told all the time how enjoyable your voice is. They say you are so easy to listen to and that you put them right into the story. They tell me that through your voice; they feel the characters' joys, sorrows, and fears. I have lost track of how many say that you made them laugh and cry. Another frequent compliment is on your diction. They say you are so easy to understand. I think that is pretty important in an audiobook. Anyway, I wanted you to know how much positive feedback your narration gets.

~Rod McFain, author of "Hard Goodbyes"


Hey Jenn, I'm almost in tears because it is so beautiful. Your pronounciation is flawless! I can already hear your voice as the new Florence, and this audio will help so many people. I cannot express how much I appreciate you. Thank you. 

-Jessie Creel, author of "The 21st Century Game of Life and How to Play It"


The changes were seamless and done wonderfully. You did a wonderful job bringing out the exact tone I was looking for; warm, engaging, and friendly

-Sue Shepard, author of "How to Talk to a Man and Feel Heard"


Jenn, it is absolutely perfect. I am so excited with the quality of work you produced for me. Thank you.

-Jessica Creel


Hi Jenn, I got this message from my top reviewer, who is a certified permaculture teacher; "I listened to it today while working and it is amazing! You chose a great person to read it, ...you have found my favorite for this type of reading."

so thank you again  :)

-Sophie McKay, author of "The Practical Permaculture Project"